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Revolutionize workplace knowledge sharing
PairUp boosts workplace knowledge-sharing, increases connectivity, and helps you solve problems more efficiently.
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PairUp provides a smart, streamlined & scalable way to access up to date information
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Break down silos
Employees waste time sending 6+ direct messages before they receive help from a colleague.
PairUp makes it easy to connect employees quickly, sharing critical knowledge across the company.
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Increase efficiencies
Employees spend approx. 8 hours every week searching through often outdated documentation.
PairUp's system learns from every interaction - getting accurate information to people when they need it.
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Grow your network
52% of employees say they would leave a job due to a lack of community.
PairUp catalyzes your employees - creating instant connections to support your growing team.
Find people that can help, provide feedback or ideate with you.
We will find you colleagues who can help make your job easier.
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Find information in the company's knowledgebase.
From documents to project deadlines, and the people who can help provide more information.
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Works on any use-case, across industries.
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We help engineering teams become more productive by streamlining access to regularly used documentation.
Create equitable access to knowledge across your team.
Data Insights
Insight about your team to help with strategic decisions about hiring, training and organizational design.
Fast & Scalable Setup
Your whole team can be up and running in minutes.
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Smart search provides a personalized and curated experience.
Safety & Privacy
Your data is... your data. And we plan to keep it that way.
Research Backed
Cutting edge technology informed by key principles of psychology and social network design.
Seamless Integration
Easy process to integrate your tech stack - be it CRM, HRIS, Productivity or Collaboration software.
"PairUp is great for triggering conversation and connection between people who otherwise wouldn't have."
Emily Glasgow
Manager, Strategy & Operations
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"PairUp is one of a kind for any organization in need of a breakthrough resource to help employees communicate."
Rev. Alvin C Bibbs
Senior President and CEO
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"PairUp's mission makes me happy. Let's have a culture where people want to be here. How do we do that? Give them a friend."
Ted Cogan
Manager of Performance Management
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Revolutionize workplace knowledge sharing
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